A new experience

Venture across our vast custom world and slay hordes of evil monsters and players.
Build a faction Destroy and loot enemy bases
Conquer the map!

Experience is free for everyone ! Don't hesitate to join us and try.

Customizable village

Set up your camp step by step and unlock new buildings.

Incredible Items

Defeat monsters to loot their randomly generated items, buy enchantments and potions from shops, and craft legendary equipments.

Geolocalisation system

A geolocation system in a randomly generated world, with travel time for your attacks !

More of NavigatorCraft's Awesomeness

A small taste of the fun that awaits.

  • Unique in it's genre

    This game is unique in it's style, it was created by players for players.

  • Boss to defeat

    If you prefer PvE to PvP, there are also bosses to defeat in teams.

  • Cool Community

    Make new friends as you join factions and team up with truces and allies, Join our Discord and talk with the community and staff.

  • War of factions

    Unprecedented system of war, with the possibility in case of victory to loot and steal the contents of the enemy faction chest!

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